#WCW Episode 8, Mariah Carey

When we started to do this series, and I made my list of 52 artists I wanted to cover (1 a week for a year), Mariah was definitely on my list.  My original thought was that I wanted to "Vision of Love", as that was one of the last pop songs that I was crazy for before I got into my rebellious/metal phase. I LOVED that tune!  BUT, as the holidays approached I wanted to do something Christmas-y.  I was surprised to read that not only is "All I Want for Christmas is You" just about the only 'new' Christmas song that's gotten popular in my lifetime (so much that I'd actually just assumed it was an older tune) but Mariah was actually a writer on the song (kind of unusual).  This woman made a cottage industry out of one song, and now she's inextricably linked to Christmas in everyone's minds.  Impressive, Ms Carey, impressive

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