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Hello Friends!  

     Connor here. The day has (finally) arrived, and I can make this announcement official. There have been lots of changes going on here with us, so here’s a quick rundown. We have:

  • A New Name -  as of today, we have a new we will be known as “The Southern Gothic.” As much as we’ve loved being CCSG for many years, for a whole bunch of reasons, we felt like now was the right time to make this move. 
  • A New Fiddler - For those of you that haven’t seen yet, but 2015 has brought us a new fiddler, Ms Faye Petree. She’s amazing and if you haven’t seen her yet- You’re gonna LOVE her.
  • A New Website - You can now find us at www.TheSouthernGothicMusic.comStop by and check out music, pics, videos, links to our endorsers, and of course our store featuring....
  • New Merch!  Brand new Southern Gothic Logo t-shirts and new “Makes Me Wanna Drink” t-shirts (new bumper stickers, hats and more coming soon!) 
  • New Tour Dates!  Check out the image above with all the cities we’ll be coming to soon and stop by the site for full details and ticket links.
  • New Tunes! We’ve been working on an AVALANCHE of new tunes and hope to get a new record out for you this year.  Make sure to check in on our YouTube page every week for a new video from somewhere in the country.  We’re trying out new tunes along with some old favorites.  You can find that page (and subscribe) at:  The Southern Gothic YouTube Channel
  • New HQ!  As of June, we’ll be a band with two homebases- Both Nashville & Atlanta.  After spending the vast majority of my life in Atlanta, I’ve begun the process of moving to Nashville, and will be here full time as of the first week of June. I’m looking forward to all the new callenges and opportunity that Nashville has to offer me in the songwriting, recording and performing arenas.  The band will still, however, be #OnTourForever

While we’re changing everything up, here’s one more for ya- 11 years ago I was involved in a TV reality show. During the run-up to that show, they became aware that every called me by my last name- Connor- and said if that was gonna be my ‘first’ name, I needed a new last name. After deliberating, we decided to use a family name- Christian- as my ‘new last name’.  Since we’re changing it all up, I’ve decided to drop ‘Christian’ and just go by S. Connor (my real first name is Sean).  Please, everybody, still call me Connor- even my Mom does (and that’s HER last name too). So cheers to change, here’s to the Southern Gothic- the same band we’ve always been, taking this music thing to the next level!  

For Spirko, Shawn, Faye and Shad-

All our love,



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  • Sylvia
    Sylvia Florida
    Love you guys!!! My favorite band since Lynerd Skynerd and that is saying alot!!!

    Love you guys!!! My favorite band since Lynerd Skynerd and that is saying alot!!!

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